When you submit Japanese documents to foreign agencies, they often require those documents to be attested and be accompanied with translations. We are happy to help you to obtain required certifications as well as providing translations.

Those documents include;
Birth Certificate, Certificate of Acceptance of Marriage Report, Certificate of Acceptance of Divorce Report, Graduation Certificate, Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage, Certificate of Residence, (Extract of) Family Register, Residence Certificate, Tax Certificate, Certified Copy of Register, Court Records, etc.

Before you leave the paperworks to us, we’d appreciate it if you could check with the foreign agencies whether the translation also needs to be attested or not. Depending on agencies, the types of certification they require to translations vary. Some agencies require only a declaration by the translator (translations we provide will come with a certificate of translation [declaration] signed by us), other agencies require translations to be notarised or even authenticated / legalised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the consul of the Embassy / Consulate (-General) of the destination country in Japan.

If you need any services above, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to provide quick and professional support!

(Even if you are not living in Hokuriku area and cannot come to our office, the whole procedures can be conducted through online communications and by post. We are happy to serve clients all over Japan. Please contact us from here. )

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