We are sometimes asked by our clients whose status is Temporary Visitor if it is possible to change their status of residence during their stay in Japan. In general, it is highly difficult as approval is given to people who are in quite special situations as Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act says:

“… in the case of an application submitted by a person whose status of residence is “Temporary Visitor”, permission shall not be granted unless the application is made based on special unavoidable circumstances.”

However, for people who got married to a Japanese who they had known before they came to Japan as Temporary Visitor, there is a chance to get an approval to change their status of residence from Temporary Visitor to Spouse of Japanese Nationals, etc. as they can be considered to be under “special unavoidable circumstances.”

If you are in a similar situation and interested in changing your status during your stay in Japan, feel free to contact us as we’ve supported quite a few clients in this situation. You can contact us via Facebook Messenger and LINE as well as Enquiries Form.