If you want to visit Canada for vacation or business, you might have to apply for a visitor visa. Depending on which country you are originally from and how you want to apply (online, in-person, or mail), documents that are required for the application vary. However, documents such as Tax Payment Certificate, Residence Certificate, Certificate of Employment and so on are often required. If you are a resident of Japan, as those documents are usually issued only in Japanese, you need to get them translated into English. The important point here is that you are not allowed to do the translation by yourself. Translations that accompany your original documents in Japanese have to be done by a third party and the translator has to certify those translations. As we offer translation service, we are happy to provide certified translations for your application.

One more important thing about Canada Visitor visa application is that it is often required to submit explanation documents to support your application. For example, if you cannot write all of your background information on the application form, you have to make a document that fully explains your background information. If you have applied to any visas for the US and Canada and got refused, you have to make a document that explains about your refused visa record. And of course, those supporting documents have to be written in English. We are happy to provide persuasive explanation documents in English to support your application.

Please feel free to contact us if you need help on Canada visa application! (E-mail, LINE, and Facebook are available for contact.)